Opossum Extermination

Opossums are nocturnal animals, and they are only active at night and low-light hours, opossums might never be seen as they travel through neighborhoods or yards. One of the first signs of their presence is the persistent barking of dogs, and the disappearance of pet foods in the home. They may den under steps, porches, decks, garden tool sheds, and if accessible, in garages, attics, and beneath houses, where they make an untidy nest of sticks and other things.

Even though, opossums are neither aggressive nor extremely dangerous animals, but in some areas, they can become a serious threat to human household, farms and gardens. They are capable of destroying plants and crops, as well as hunting and killing poultry animals. 

It is known that opossums creates nuisance to the home or garden, so this makes people look for solutions to exterminate them. If you are dealing with opossums in your home or garden, you may be tempted to kill them, after all killing them will get rid of the problems they bring once and for all, and it will ensure they did not come back again. However, unless you get rid of what is attracting the animals to your home, you might find yourself new opossums. Therefore, below are some of the lethal and humane methods to get rid of opossums:


Though shooting opossums with a rifle might seem to be a difficult task, this is because of its large skulls but only relatively small brain. Therefore, if you aim for the headshot, this means you need to hit it from the side below the eye and behind the eye where possible. Another way to shoot the opossum is in the body, and aim for the heart or lungs to kill it instantly. However, this is an inhumane way to get rid of opossums but it is effective. To effectively use this method, you need to have a good gun handling skills.


Using lethal or cage trap to kill opossum is also one of the ways to get rid of opossum from the home or garden. You can get a body-gripping trap that will crush the animal to death once it has caught the opossum. Moreover, if you want to humanely kill the opossums, you can use a cage trap it, then you can kill the animal when it is captured by using a carbon dioxide or drowning it inside water.


This is another way to exterminate opossums, and this can be done by mixing the garbage with poison, this is because opossums will always want to eat from the garbage. However, the disadvantages of using this method is that; the opossum will not die instantly from the poison but will go may find a place to die which can make it dangerous and unpredictable. If you are unable to locate the carcass of the animal, it will bring a strong odor and attract other pest animals. Using this method may also kill your pet or other animals if they eat from the poison.

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